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domingo, 12 de janeiro de 2014

The Village Music Project receives BaianaSystem group band with a rhythm lulled by the Bahian guitar that promises to shake up the Main Hall of the Teatro Vila Velha, on Thursday ( 14 ) at 20h .
In BaianaSystem the guitarrinha dialogues harmoniously with African sounds and freedom dub and psychedelia in the hands of Robby Baker , creator of the project .
The instrument is renewed and interacts with the bases worked and mixed by Chico Correa . In all songs produced by the group , there are insertions of sounds and effects with free improvisation .But the focus is not only on the Bahian guitar , vocal is also special . In the voice of Russian Passapusso , the band explores new possibilities timbragens and interaction with the production of the rhythmic bases of sound systems . This language and the collages of sound systems , the rebuilding from the existing , are the group challenge .
The band - With two years of history, BaianaSystem has performed in Shanghai, China , and several festivals in Brazil . The group is formed by guitarist Robby Barreto , Russian Passapusso vocalist , bassist and producer Marcelo also Seco disc, percussionist Wilton Potato and DJ / Producer Chico Correa ( bases and

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