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quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2016

Band "Baiana System" presents a new ax

movement leader 'reinvents' rhythm, group releases new album in São Paulo

For some time the ax does not say "play the hand to the top and take the foot off the floor." With the loss of the rhythm space, which established the Carnival of Salvador from 1980 to genres such as backcountry and funk, the Bahian popular music had to reinvent.
Then came bands such as the Bahian System, first a prominent name in the underground after a commercial phenomenon in the state, which already strides out of it. In the coming days 27 and 28, the group released his second album, "Two Cities" in Sao Paulo.
The album will be presented in the taproom the SESC Pompeia, with the participation of Siba Pernambuco (which last year was awarded the album "De Loose Ball", at Multishow). No show of Bahian News on Concha Acoustics they invited Ney Matogrosso.
"There have been looking to the musical production of the Southeast, Recife, Para ... In Bahia, a lot has been going on for some time, but everything was very diluted. Now, is gaining attention, "says Roberto Barreto, who conceived the project, who plays guitar in the band Bahia.
The instrument, created by the legendary duo Dodo and Osmar in the 1940s and responsible for creating the electric trio, guides the group's work and earn dub bases and groove, dialoguing with electronics, Jamaican and Caribbean music.
"We started with the idea of ​​doing a job directly related to the Bahian guitar, inserting it into another universe, not necessarily the Carnival", he explains. In practice, however, the world of revelry was decisive.
The band parades at the party since its inception in 2009, but for a few years attracted small groups, mostly made up of revelers like "weirdos", angry with abadá culture.
On Wednesday (18), crowd scenes behind the "Pirate Ship" -like was baptized the electric trio group- impress the public engagement in a kind of ecstasy with the powerful sound of the band.
The trio says Barreto, is for Baiana System a great sound system improvised sound -system in street parties, popularized in Jamaica in the 1950s.
new industry
Besides the guitarist and the constant collaboration of DJs, in the group vocalist and composer Russian Passapusso the SekoBass bassist and illustrator and designer Filipe Cartaxo, responsible for the visual identity and the mask distributed at concerts, design aesthetic symbol.
Already popularized in the mainstream of Salvador, while remaining independent, the Bahia heads a movement trying to reframe the Bahian music industry, which can no longer be sustained in the ax. Names like Orkestra Rumpilezz, Manuela Rodrigues and Marcia Castro follow the flow.
It also reflects a new moment of Carnival of the capital, where ropes and abadás beloved give more space to independent trios. "Gradually, Carnival had to change. There began to be the questioning of the public space in the party and the loss of freedom in the name of the market. "
The second disc, Roberto believes that the band is more mature. "The first [released in 2010] was an outline of ideas, produced almost homely way," he recalls. "In the 'Two Cities', there is the opposite of what usually happens: we were already on the road playing music and synthesize it to disk, from the result that we live."


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