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quinta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2016

Jaloo joins Sky Boogarins and Bahia System in Molotov Cocktail 2016

The Jaloo paraense, exponent of the combination of electronic music and Tecnobrega, is another attraction confirmed at the Festival In The Air Molotov Cocktail, which takes place on October 22 in Recife. He joins singer paulistana Heaven, the band BaianaSystem and Boogarins, already scheduled for the event. The festival, known for exploring new names from the music scene and experimental sounds, will have 12 hours of national and international shows.

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Jaloo presents in the capital of Pernambuco the # 1 album, their debut album, released in October last year. With elements of pop, idie, Tecnobrega and e-music, the work involves scenic and visual aesthetic responsible for the transformation of Jaime - the paraense born in Castlereagh, about an hour and a half from the capital Belém - in Jaloo. The disc name, as stated in interviews by the musician, is directly related to the debut in the music market. The hashtag before the number universalized the message.

The Para, now based in São Paulo, gained visibility on social networks by posting pop hits remixes and international rock - Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse, Donna Summer, among others, won versions signed by Jaloo in recent years. A cover of Oblivion, the Canadian Grimes, is the first EP Jaloo, Insight (2014). # 1, 12 tracks mixed national and international references in compositions and copyright arrangements, including the city, # 1 and Ah! Ache!.


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