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sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2016

Natiruts, Baiana System and Saul does show the Wet 'n Wild in Salvador

Brasilia band launches new work at the event, which will be on 13 August.
Tickets cost R $ 70 R $ 110 and R $ 150 and are on sale now.

The Natiruts reggae band released the DVD "Natiruts Reggae Brazil" on Saturday (13) in Salvador. Part of the new work brasiliense group was recorded in Salvador in 2015. The record was also made in Rio de Janeiro.
The DVD with the participation of big names of the national music, as Esdon Gomes, Ivete Sangalo and Gilberto Gil. The repertoire of the show has hit the rhythm of songs like "Nayambing Blues" (Sine Calmon), "Me Funny Valentine" (Edu Ribeiro), "Let's Escape" (Gilberto Gil), "Lost Love" (Edson Gomes) "drawing of God" (Il Divo), "Sure" (plant & Root), as well as songs already known to the public Natiruts.
The singer Saul and BaianaSystem group also present at the event. The gates will open at 21h. Tickets cost R $ 70 (run), R $ 110 (VIP area) and R $ 150 (VIP area) and can be purchased at Ticket Line, located on the second floor of Bahia Shopping through the store website.
What: DVD Release Natiruts
When: August 13 (Saturday)
Hours: Opening the gates 21h
Where: Wet 'n Wild
Attractions Natiruts, Saul and Baiana System
Tickets: Track: R $ 70 | VIP area: R $ 110 | Cabin: R $ 150
Point of sale: Line office, located on the second floor of Bahia Shopping, or through the website
Rating: 16 years
* Prices may change at any time without notice


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