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segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2015

Diogo Nogueira, Pedro Mariano, Bahia System and Marcia Castro are featured in sheets Festival

The event, which reaches its 17th uninterrupted edition, held between 9 and 12 October, at Praça Horácio de Mattos

Diogo Nogueira, Marcia Castro, Bahia System, Pedro Mariano Leo and Jaime are some of the highlights of the program of Sheets Festival in Chapada Diamantina. The event, which reaches its 17th uninterrupted edition, held between 9 and 12 October, at Praça Horácio de Mattos.

Local attractions are also in the public eye that will go to the festival. This year, the host city is represented musically by the groups crying Toil, Griô, Wind Root and Helio Bahia and Banda.

In this edition, the sheets Festival takes to the stage a message for the environment, before the fires that ravage parts of Chapada Diamantina. The artists will engage in the cause and convene the public to embrace the flag against fire, being careful with cigarette butts, use of candles and other flammable materials near the woods.

ShowsBaiana based in São Paulo, the singer Marcia Castro will show inspired in his latest album, entitled The Things that appear on the first day of the festival. It will be the last performance of this show in Bahia, as the artist will be dedicated soon after testing for the Popcorn Modern in 2016, where it will present a preview of new work that will be produced next year. The repertoire, in addition to the new album songs, songs from his previous works, such as "Feet On Ground" and "Frevo little sin." The presentation of the artist happens after opening concert to be held by the local group Choro Toil.

Following the singer Leo Jaime presents "The Intimate" show in which he will remember the greatest hits of his 30-year career, like the "Tell" songs from his latest CD All Love, "Bye," partnership singer Rita Lee and "The Poor", the new version is part of the sound track of the film Till Luck in Divide (2012). The closing evening will be the responsibility of Helium Bahia and band show.

The second night of celebration begins with the sound of the local group Griô to then take the stage one of the most anticipated attractions of the festival, singer-songwriter Pedro Mariano. Considered one of Brazil's greatest interpreters of our time, the artist will make an old-fashioned show, the variety of genres, and at the same current time, the displayed sound. In the repertoire there are plenty of "Simply", "Almost Love" and "Voice in the Ear," among other hits album 8 and his last work, Pedro Mariano and Orchestra (CD and DVD).

On Saturday, the Scambo band takes their music to Sheets in celebratory mood by 15 years of group formation. Led by Pedro Pondé the Scambo is one of the most popular and influential bands of the Bahian scene, with his musicality nationally published this year by participating in the Super Star the Globo program. The repertoire, the classic "Sun Nobody," "The Flesh of the Gods" and "The Mouse", in addition to songs from the album "Flare", recorded in acoustic format. The Zion band closed the second day of presentations.

It was for Sunday, the last party, the right buzz that will happen around the singer and songwriter show Diogo Nogueira. Under the sight of the prying eyes, the artist promises to show the songs from their latest CD, which has the suggestive title Door Voice of Joy. The interpretation of "Try Luck" is guaranteed, the current working song, "Bohemian Soul" and "Cleared". Also in the repertoire, songs of Arlindo Cruz, Almir Guineto and Xande pillars, and old hits.

Sunday will also feature concerts of bands Wind Root and Bahia System, which will close the event showing all its musicality based in the Bahian guitar and strength of percussive base african-Latin rhythms such as frevo, pagode, samba-reggae, afoxé, kuduro and merengue.


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