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segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2015

New sonic possibilities with the Bahian guitar

vocal is also special. In the voice of Russian Passapusso, the BaianaSystem explores new possibilities for timbragens and interaction with the production of the rhythmic bases of the system`s sound. This language and the philosophy of "collages" of the sound systems, the rebuild from the existing, makes the challenge of the group.

BaianaSystem has a format that enables various combinations, "systems". Thus, expands the idea of system`s sound for new timbragens, aesthetic and musical formations. The base of the group, however, has been prepared by the core formed by guitarist Robby Barreto, vocalist Russian Passapusso, bassist and also producer of the album Marcelo Seco, percussionist Wilton Batata and DJ / Producer Chico Corrêa (bases and mixdubs) .


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