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domingo, 15 de novembro de 2015

Fair City embraces the Pelourinho Day and Night and other programming to celebrate the November Black

All of Vao Ways Stop any Historical Center, Neste Weekend. The Cradle of History of Salvador will serve Scenario paragraph Different Cultural programs, most of them free of charge. For a Fair Start City, Hugging OTHER Region Artistic Expressions How to que up the Pelourinho Day and Night Project.

They are various schedules and hum goal in common: to celebrate the african-Brazilian culture. Concerts, fashion, gastronomy and exhibition are some of the languages ​​que express a Bahian people culture at the Fair City, whose next edition happens at the Terreiro de Jesus, Tomorrow and Sunday, with the theme November Negro.

In music, highlight Para attractions Ara Ketu As a band, which makes Tomorrow show, EO percussionist Gabi Guedes, master of the drums, which presents Sunday with a clarinetist Vanessa Melo, do Neojibá and make Rumpilezzinho. In addition THEM, HAVE Kalakuta System Formed hair DJ Sankofa and Dudoo Caribbean; THE DJs Mauritius Sacramento and Black Sheep, the Batekoo party; DJ Riffs; And already traditional DJ Purity, with hum ride IN Classics of black music.

And a second time que Fair will FOR Pelourinho, but THIS issue is even more special, IN thematic Account. The Fair and already a movement for social empowerment, cultural, Youth, do black ... then, do TALK November Negro Call And as people who have hum Work facing the african World, "explains a producer and creator of the event, Carla Maciel, 38 years.

NON music So live Bahian culture. So, MET Space event paragraph attractions As the collective Creators with Photographic Exhibition which focuses on the black, Beyond the participation of the Hall Mukanã Rastafari team. For Children, HAS theatrical spectacles Orum Aiyê and History What I saw and Vivi. No Count in the gastronomic diversity What is a trademark of The Fair.

Traveling, the Dialoga event LOCAL Wherever he goes and IT IS FURTHER Stronger In this issue, Bringing a proposal for a Guided Tour hair main historic center and its sights, like OS Several Museums and Secular Churches. The idea is to "live Fact Pelourinho," INVITES the organizer.

THIS ALSO worth a paragraph Programming What occupies OTHER Streets and Squares of Pelourinho As shown paid the Cascadura and BaianaSystem bands. The first makes the show Adiós in Great Style at Praça Tereza Batista, Sunday from 18h, with guitarist Martin Participation, which works with Pitty.

The BaianaSystem Also shown in SAME square Tomorrow, 21h AS, with rapper participation Flora Matos. The code Canciones mix already known with new make new album, due FOR year VEM.

Already Programming Pelourinho Day and Night includes shows of doing guitarist Fred Menendez, Today, as 18h, in the San Francisco Cruise; THE PROJECT Percussivo Rumpilezzinho, Sunday, at 18h, in the Pascoal Cross; and make Quartet Carybé, Training Neojibá, Sunday ALSO, as 11am, the Third Order of St. Francis Church.

Tudo isso and little hum To celebrate the November Negro. "In my reservation, and A Movement que MUST be valued the Full Year. This is One form of Work Show That fast makes you always in the Community HIS. The Negro AND JUST A November show," Remember Tonho Matter, 51, lead singer Ara Ketu.


Fair City: Terreiro de Jesus. Saturday 22h (14), from 11 am At 20h, and Sunday from 9 am to.

Paid attractions: Cascadura, no Largo Tereza Batista on Sunday (15), 18h AS, R $ 20 | R $ 10; BaianaSystem, Saturday (14) at Largo Tereza Batista, from 21h, R $ 30 (single price).


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