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quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2015

Russian Passapusso announces end of the band Bemba Trio

"The Bemba trio ended in respect to all events," wrote the musician

Singer Russian Passapusso announced on Monday (9) the end of the activities of Bemba Trio, formed by him, Fael First and DJ Root. "Hail guys! I talk to contractors and public Bemba Trio. The Bemba trio ended in respect to all events. After years of work and a lot of exchange with everyone who enjoys our sound, we are closing activities for everyone to follow with new experiences, with much respect life, with great respect women, regarding children> the main for me from start to finish !!! Let's together> For the music, ever !!!! "wrote the musician. Russian also has a solo career and is the lead singer of BaianaSystem.

The end of the band was announced after an accusation of violence against one of the members circulated on social networks. According to the posting of a university student, she suffered the attack during Carnival this year - no name is mentioned in the message. The text has been shared on Facebook in late October. Soon after, Fael first used the social network to defend itself.

"Social networks serve to unite people far away, disseminate our work and spread important causes such as the women in a sexist, repressive, castrating and feminicida society, deserve to secure their rights, their integrity, autonomy body and opportunities the world restricts them. But social networks, this game without limits, unfortunately are also available to those who often uses the personal intention to unconfigure a reality, hurting many people. This time it happened to me. My family and my work were also not spared. Luckily virtual truths are not real life. Fortunately a text, an intention and a slander dozen are not enough to change the facts. Fortunately my conscience and the law are there to operate in the real world, "he wrote , saying he had taken the "appropriate legal measures."

Last week, the student wrote again about the case. "I just linking and generating negative repercussions for the band TRIO BEMBA. BEMBA TRIO THE BAND OR ANY OTHER BAND has nothing to do with the situation (...) Finally, I thank all the expressions of support but when justice is doing the investigations necessary for a correct and fair decision for those involved. "


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