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sexta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2015

BaianaSystem releases album single that arrives this year

After the first album in 2010 and an EP in 2013 called Rover, now completely beaten by us, BaianaSystem - Roberto Barreto (Bahian guitar), Russian Passapusso (voice) and SecoBass (bass) - back with the single "Playsom" preceding the album that still comes out in 2015. the footprint is the same: the Bahian guitar setting the tone and permeating all music with diverse influences. Since Jamaican music, through Arrocha to Samba Reggae. In the single - which can be downloaded from the band's website - the group released a lyric video of the song you can watch below. Press play, move the chairs and learn the choreography to dance at the carnival. The disc production, yet unnamed, was in charge of the ubiquitous Daniel Ganjaman and the music had the participation of Marcio Vitor, the Psirico, on percussion.
  The group has performed in many places in Brazil, reaching Europe and even China


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